HASM  Inc. -  Hymns, Anthems, and Sacred Music
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      HASM, Inc. is a 501 C-3 non-profit organization which    
                relies upon the public for financial support.

   Your tax deductible contribution to help continue our mission
  is greatly appreciated.  Donations may be mailed to our    
  mailing address:
           HASM, Inc., P. O. B. 776, Fayetteville, NC 28302

          Contact Helene Smith, Director  at 910-797-1962,  or email:  helenegay@aol.com   for more information.
HOW WE ACCOMPLISH OUR MISSION         Ten weekly 2 hour Thursday rehearsals  begin early December  and continue January  through February. Alternate days will be scheduled to accommodate those who cannot meet on scheduled day. Three concerts are  scheduled for the month of  March.  A package of 11 choral selections for the season will be made available for participants.   A  rehearsal CD is available  for those who require additional support.  Members are expected to be present, punctual and prepared for each rehearsal.
Individual remedial work will be required with some individuals.   Auditions may be required in some cases. The development of individual skills and the performance level of the choir are priorities.
Choir directors and participants are free to use any of the music prepared for the season at their own discretion.
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